Corrupt partition overlapping good one

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Corrupt partition overlapping good one

#1 Post by lukebe »

After a bit of guidance please. I'm driving to recover a disk from a laptop and I'm put the disk into a USB enclosure. Windows stopped recognising the D drive and wanted to format it.
When I run a deeper search I can see the partition there and van view the file list via TestDisk. But I cannot get the partition operational.

I believe the reason is that it actually finds 2 partitions. A FAT 16 one that appears to be a corrupt partition that starts as 1912 and ends at 4862. The good partition that I can view is FAT 32 and starts at 2655 and ends at 4863. Note the fat32 partition only shows up on a deeper search.

I believe the reason I cannot get the partition going again is that the FAT 16 partition is overlapping the FAT 32 one. See the pic attached.

So my question is, how can I best go about resizing the fat16 partition so it ends at 2554 or remove it all together? I am trying to keep the data in tact but have tried setting both partition characteristics individually like Logical/Primary. If I try and set characteristics on both TestDisk shows a red message saying "Invalid Structure".

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