Please HELP - Testdisk can't find any partitions anymore

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Please HELP - Testdisk can't find any partitions anymore

#1 Post by joen »

Dear forum,

I don't have much experience in Linux and I really could use your help because I need to recover a lot of important files.

A few days ago my university alienware laptop with windows7 crashed and the partition went RAW.
I booted a ubuntu live usb which recognized it as NTFS, so I started to copy my files with testdisk to an external hard drive.

While doing this I didn't notice that my laptop's battery was almost empty and it went in standby. When I powered it back on with the ac adapter it went from bad to worse:
The ubuntu disk uitilty doesn't recognize the partition types anymore and labels its type as "unkown" and testdisk gives a lot of read errors and can't find any partions anymore, not in quick search nor in deeper search.

I really need a lot of university files from this harddrive and would appreciate any help. :(

Screenshot of disk utility:
the partitions used to be:
(no label) OEM partition - I think it was FAT || RECOVERY - NTFS || OS - NTFS

Screenshot of testdisk results (same for deeper search):