USB Hard Drive found as Raw after re-formatting Xbox 360

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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USB Hard Drive found as Raw after re-formatting Xbox 360

#1 Post by kalikot »

Hi I have a 500gb SEAGate Goflex HDD.

It was being used for both Windows and Mac (FAT 32) and had a 1gb Xbox partition for a few DLC. I wanted to increase the Xbox partition size so I deleted it (on the Xbox) and chose to format it for 32gb. It showed a "Cant Configure" error so I tried again with the same error. It then showed up as a Raw on Xbox 360 and wanted to be reformatted.

I plugged it into Windows and it took awhile to be detected and also showed up as a Raw and wanted to be reformatted.

I found out about Testdisk and ran an analysis and the Fat 32 partition didnt show up. I ran deeper search and it showed up with a "Warning: Incorrect number of heads/cylinders" error DURING the search but had no option to be selected after the Deeper Search was finished overnight.

How should I proceed? Should I run Chkdsk on it?

I am already attempting to recover some files with Photorec but its less than optimal since the filenames are jumbled.

My brother's files are on it and it would be very helpful. Thank you.

I cannot seem to attach my testdisk.log here

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Re: USB Hard Drive found as Raw after re-formatting Xbox 360

#2 Post by karolina »

I know that to play Xbox games on the Xbox 360 I understand you need to download a file from Microsoft and burn a CD, and load the update onto the Xbox 360. However I hear you need a HDD to save the update on the CD to the Xbox 360. Well I don't have one, but I do have a memory stick, is it possible for the memory stick to act as the HDD so I don't need to buy a HDD? Let me have your opinion.