how to recover files after Merge process failed

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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how to recover files after Merge process failed

#1 Post by Tvfan »

my computer has two disks using windows 7, with 500 GB each. disk1, I have C drive (54 GB, Primary) E drive (435 GB, Logical), and G Drive (11 GB, Primary). In order to increase my C drive, I decide to shrink E drive and allocated saved space to C

1) used window 7 Disk Management to shrink E drive from 435 to 330 GB, or save abut 105 GB free space, No primary but logical

2) used 3rd party software AOMEI standard to merge C drive and unallocated 105 GB,

3) Everything is running fine until the diglog box pops up sayingh it encounter a bad sector, program cannot continue, process failed.

4) after I exited AOMEI, i try to restart the program, then all the error msgs poping up, I cannot open any program,s I cannot even go to My Computer or any File folders. windows is freezing periodically

10) finally, windows reboot, but a series Command lines was excuted in DOS prompt, I see all files I stored in E drive is showing up. looks like windows try to reallocate or fix these files

11) when I log into windows, I see 105 GB free on E drive from previous 12 GB free, and unallocated 105 GB space still untouched, remain logical

12) I check the directories of e drive. I realized that I lost so files, file structure/name is there, but size is 0 byte, cannot open them.

What do I do now? i use so many software to recover the file I lost, but none succesful. I think this is a unique situation, please help me

Many thanks

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Re: how to recover files after Merge process failed

#2 Post by cgrenier »

You can try PhotoRec but it won't recover the original filenames.