Recovery of .vcf file from corrupt SD card

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Recovery of .vcf file from corrupt SD card

#1 Post by flyingbird »

Hello friends,
I have Samsung Galaxy Ace and I was using 2BG Sandisk micro SD card in it. Today I thought of upgrading the android version from android 2.2 to android 2.3
I backed up everything (Contacts, messages, call logs, applications) in my SD card. I removed the SD card and got my android upgraded. As soon as I inserted my SD card in phone, it showed that the card is empty, tried with linux, windows pcs, everywhere it requests to format the card.
I checked Internet for solution and found that photorec could help me in recovering my old contact list, .vcf file (which is most important for me). I installed PhotoRec in my linux system and followed all the steps but I am not able to get anything. In starting of program it shows
"Disk/dev/sdb - 32Mb/32Mib (R0) - ChipsBnk Multi-Reader".......................(Where as my card was 2 GB!)
In each trial, application stops with an error "Error reading sector 62464"

Can somebody please help me in recovering my contact list? :cry:

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Re: Recovery of .vcf file from corrupt SD card

#2 Post by remy »

Unfortunately no.

Your problem is hardware related. Neither tesdisk or other software solution won't be able to read beyond 32MB limit if controller tells it's 32MB card. You probabely have a controler failure or a flash destroy. Few professionnal company deal with these microflash.