Disk Management and Drive Properties show different sizes

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Disk Management and Drive Properties show different sizes

#1 Post by gr0don »

Hi there.

I was wondering if someone could offer some advice on the below issue. I recently upgraded one of our server RAID systems. The RAID was on 2*500GB HDDs and set up so the C partition was 60GB and the rest of the Space was used as the E drive for data.

Since C was running out of space, I moved the data to another raid just for data, deleted the E drive then extended the C drive to take up the rest of the space (465GB). However I now seem to be stuck with an issue where the drive is seen as 465GB by the raid controller, easeus partition master and in disk management at the bottom where it lists disk 0 as 465GB, but the drive is reported as 60GB in my computer, disk defrag and at the top of disk management.

I am thinking the issue is with MFT and the MBR not agreeing on size ? If so what should be done to resolve the issue ?

Testdisk reports the boot sector and backup boot sector are not the same. I was wondering if rebuilding the boot sector would resolve it but I wanted to check here first for advice, and as always will take backups before doing anything.

I have copied a couple of Images below to show what I mean, Thanks in advance for any help :)

The server is running SBS2003 if it helps.

HDD-Info.jpg (198.43 KiB) Viewed 1534 times
bootsector.jpg (88.3 KiB) Viewed 1534 times


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Re: Disk Management and Drive Properties show different size

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Your disk contains a partition (drive) using the whole disk, but the NTFS filesystem of this partition is still 60GB.
You need to resize the filesystem to match the partition size.