Veeam Backup - folder deleted

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Veeam Backup - folder deleted

#1 Post by whyling »

I have a question. I am new in this forum, but needs serious help to recover a deleted folder.
Out backup is saved on QNAP, and the folder (with all the files .VBM, .VBK and .VIB) is placed.
Is it about a year of backup.

I have made an separate array for restoring. I have tried PhotoRec to recover, but it only finds a lot of jpg and other stuff - that I don't mean ever has been on the backup share.. Maybe the reading of the files is wrong.
I tried to define my own files search, but it returns with a empty string..

What can I do to recover this data??

Best regards,

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Re: Veeam Backup - folder deleted

#2 Post by JimboLong »

Hey, man, what's up?

I guess Veeam support doesn't do a good job of monitoring these things, so I help you:
I'll post your query in my popular twitter account, they monitor it: ... 1009541120

Meanwhile, pls, read my blog about Veeam, among other things:

Veeam's product has critical issues with Hyper-V VM backup in Windows 2012, Veeam is trying to hide it ... hose-bugs/

Veeam reclassified critical bugs of VBR7 into non-critical? ... n-critical

I've collected bug reports on the most critical issues of VBR7 in my blog: ... -disaster/