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Using TestDisk to undelete files
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New Guy question

#1 Post by wolfen »

OK guys the only reason I'm asking this before reading the whole forum is its a warm day here and I have about 5 chords of wood to split so please donlt flame me or hate me for asking first

I have a older Emachine computer with a 500 gig hdd running Linux Ubuntu 13.10, the 500 gig is the master hdd, problem is I have a 160 gig hdd as a slave, windows Vista totally bit the dust and is unrecoverable even with the install disk so I am keeping Ubunto and learning it, BUT there are certain work related thing I can NOT do on Linux, so yesterday I tried one last time to install Vista, here's what happened:
the Vista disk wiped the 160 gig hdd, while I was trying to install it on the 500 gig hdd, problem is the 160 gig hdd had pictures of my wife's mother on there that we really want back because she died two years ago.
I downloaded testdisk 6.14 and I am starting to get over my terminalphobia, problem is I do not know how to install it or run it.
Can somebody PLEASE help me here, just keep in mind that I am 50 years old have had Linux for three weeks and I need the instructions in a format that a three year can understand

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Re: New Guy question

#2 Post by Fiona »

Did you format your affected disk?
Did you run a quick or normal format?
Can you run a testdisk diagnose and copy and paste the content of you testdisk.log into your next post?
Required are Analyse, Quick and if nothing is found Deeper Search also!
If a partition is found, please mark it and press p to have a try to list your data!