Photorec Jam

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Photorec Jam

#1 Post by nperrins »

After breaking my laptop screen, I compounded the problem by breaking the connectors on the motherboard. So, i decided to take out the twin 64Gb SDD drives and recover my files. The first drive appears to hold the restore copy; the second drive...well Photorec went as far as sector 10700000 of 240000000 and then has been stuck in a loop for 12 hours.

It appears to be trying to download a cab, it gets no data, and then deletes it again. Each time, the sectors make three jumps upwards and then one big jump backwards. Bear in mind, there was nothing wrong with this drive before I removed it. Can anyone offer any help please?

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Re: Photorec Jam

#2 Post by cgrenier »

If you don't care about the .cab you can always disable the file extension in FileOpts.
Otherwise uses a recent version of PhotoRec 6.14 or 7.0-WIP.