ExFAT formatted to NTFS, back to ExFAT?

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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ExFAT formatted to NTFS, back to ExFAT?

#1 Post by charliee19 »

I don't know if I should write here or there but i think the problem it's with the partition..

The thing is windows XP SP3 formatted my exfat 380gb, just a quick format but I couldnt stop it and now I've a NTFS 380GB partition, with some boot files only.
I've created my custom signature to recover some files with photorec but I didnt recover as much as I'd like to. The software can find many files, but I'd like to recover my partition table or make the raw files visible at least.

I'm guessing my formatted partition table is lost or maybe rewritten (though I only used read-only software) but some programs finds too many partitions I don't want. Testdisk finds my 380 but it is the NTFS one, but infact this is where my ExFAT should be. I've scanned etc and the only partition I can find is the 380gb NTFS.So I was wondering if I could just destroy the actual partition table and make a new one for exfat system. Would this work? Is it possible to make the raw data visible just changing the type of the partition to exfat? Searching here I've found that using brute force maybe would work, but the case is I don't find exfat type in type options :s