Found partition, but not the files [solved]

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Found partition, but not the files [solved]

#1 Post by Ryon »

TestDisk shows my lost partition and gives its correct size. But the P: list only lists a few of the hundreds of directories and files that were on the system. Is there anything more I can do, before using PhotoRec? Does PhotoRec make any permanent changes to the disk?

Also, I don't understand the "Extd Part" option:
If there is logical partition, this flag lets you decide if the extended partition will used all available disk space or only the required (minimal) space.
How is this useful for data recovery?
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Re: Found partition, but not the files [solved]

#2 Post by Ryon »

Answered my own question. It's in the manual under "Advanced Filesystem Utils".

And TestDisk returns a superblock recovery instruction, in case this fails:

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fsck.ext2 -p -b superblock -B size device
Thank you for including this, Christophe! I could have spent weeks figuring this out on my own. Unfortunately, this superblock repair didn't work for me. I'm going back to the manual to see what to do next...