Recover files from LG Nexus 4

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Recover files from LG Nexus 4

#1 Post by mminke »

I am trying to recover a video from my LG Nexus 4 but without success.

Both testdisk and photorec do not recognise my phone once it is connected to the PC.
I have followed the instructions to enable USB debugging and that is working. I installed the ADB driver on Windows (7 Prof), but still the phone is not recognised.

I also tried to run photorec on a Ubuntu Linux 13.04 system, but also without success. On the commandline I tried different ways to specify a device, but I cannot seem to get the correct dev file.

Can anyone help me how to let photorec detect my phone, either on ubuntu or on windows?

Except from the information on putting the phone in USB debugging mode, I cannot seem to find any other information on how to do this. Should the phone be detected automatically once that mode is selected? Should I still use MTP or should that be switched off? (I have tried both ways, without it, there is no (disk)device at all.

One thing though, my phone is NOT rooted, should that have been done? I cannot find any info on this requirement.

Thanks in advance!