Memory stick save over excel files

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Memory stick save over excel files

#1 Post by wilkoro »

I have 2 memory sticks to save excel files on. One is used for backing up the original one. I some how saved the files from the back up to the original stick. Instead of saving from original to the back up stick. All the files are the same name and I now lost 10 months of data. Is there a way to get the original excel files back?

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Re: Memory stick save over excel files

#2 Post by Lito »

TestDisk does have an Undelete feature.
It might be possible to copy any files you find to another device. If they have the same name (old and new) you wil have to carefully check their timestamps. You will only find out if you actually run TestDisk.
Failing that you could run PhotoRec in the original USB pen. Choose to search only for Excel files (Advanced Options).
Search the whole disk.

Something else that you could try to recover at least some of your work
In the PC where Excel is installed run a search (Windows Search) for Excel backup files.
Run, Search and in the options find and tick any that will let find hidden folders and/or files
The file extension is .xlk
So your search would be for *.xlk

Select all the files you find and copy them to an external device such a clean USB pen.
You can go trhrough the file names, size, time stamps, etc to recover your more important files.
To do that open the backup files one a the time in Excel. Check that everything is correct before saving it.
Excel will probably overwrite the backup or delete it. Try saving to a different medium or saving to more than one place.

Here is a list of links related to EXcel

Microsoft about the AutoRecovery feature ... files.html

Ten Essential Microsoft Excel 2010 Tips,2817,2386994,00.asp

Backup File Name Extensions Changed

About XLK file

Be careful not to overwrite any ongoing work.

Best of luck