list all supported file formats

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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list all supported file formats

#1 Post by landroni » 26 Jan 2014, 20:46

I need to recover 'audio' file formats from iTunes on a damaged Mac OS X disk. The problem is that the file formats listed within photorec do not coincide perfectly with those listed on the website ( ... y_PhotoRec).

For instance, the website lists ".mp4 MPEG 4", but photorec 6.14 has no such thing. It seems that in photorec this file format is contained in "mov" category. Same for ".wav RIFF audio", which is contained in "riff" category.

So is it possible to list all file formats supported by photorec from a given installation? I have in mind a commandline switch (say, '/list') that would output to stdout all the supported file formats. This would allow the user, say:

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photorec /list | less

so as to easily browse/search the list and to find the appropriate format.

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