Dual Partition Recovery

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Dual Partition Recovery

#1 Post by trainwreck » 31 Jan 2014, 13:22


I'm new to TestDisk.
I have an external USB 2TB drive.
It has my Windows 7 backup (~1.5TB) on a partition and my PS3 backup on a smaller partition (~350GB).
I've ran TestDisk about 3-4 times and am on my 5th try.
It seemed to repair it the first two times but when I tried to mount it the system got extremely sluggish and I couldn't access either partition.
Now, the last two times I've attempted a deep scan, and it keeps getting hung at "262144/3907024895: 00%".
I've left it running for about 3 days and it isn't progressing.
Any tips or ideas?

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