File Repair instead of Lost/Deleted File

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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File Repair instead of Lost/Deleted File

#1 Post by asjones »

Any chance of using/upgrading Photorec to repair corrupt files not just find "lost" files that are on a drive. For cases where one has the file but the file is just screwed up?


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Re: File Repair instead of Lost/Deleted File

#2 Post by victo045 »

Photorec already does this. Repairing a corrupt file and recovering a lost file are one and the same process. Photorec will recover what's left of the corrupted file along with whatever lost or deleted material it finds on your drive.

I had a single corrupt MTS file I couldn't open, about 6 GB. I first tried running Photorec over my computer's 1TB hard drive, but it would have taken days, had I space enough on my external drive for the flood of recovered files. So I burned the corrupt MTS file to an 8GB DVD-R and ran Photorec over the DVD.

If you want to "focus" Photorec on a given file, put the file on the smallest partition possible. DVD, flash drive, Truecrypt volume(?)... Probably there's a better way; I was merely fumbling through the step-by-step recovery example.