Macbook went to sleep before recovery finished

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Macbook went to sleep before recovery finished

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I ran photorec earlier today on an SD card with 16gb capacity. Finder on my macbook was originally showing around 8.5gb of used space (although I couldn't see any files, hence the recovery).

I ran the program but my macbook fell asleep after 45 minutes. When I woke it up, it said it had recovered 1800 pictures and had been running for 45 minutes but still had over an hour left to run. Then, it a matter of seconds, the screen changed to say it had completed.

I've looked at the output folders, of which there are four, and the dates on the photos recovered stop in July 2013. Also the total size of the recovered data comes to only around 6.5gb. It's missing six months of photos and approx 2gb.

The card now says in finder that there is 16gb of space left. Rerunning photorec yields no results at all.

Did the macbook going to sleep cause the program to finish prematurely, and fail to move the recovered files to the proper location? Is the missing 2gb still accessible somewhere / somehow?? Desperate to find out - the only photos I have lost are from two weeks ago - my son's second birthday party...

Is there anything I can try?