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Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Any way to resume without

#1 Post by Ben61694 »

I'm using PhotoRec 6.14 WIP on a Knoppix 7.2 live CD. It didn't cross my mind at the time that would get deleted (since it was a live disk) if I stored it on the home directory and I restarted the computer. I now have a bunch of recovered files but no I'm trying to recover a 320GB WD HDD with a total sector count of 597,669,888.

Is there any way I can continue based off the recup_dir folder numbers (I got up to recup_dir.563), and if I restart photorec from the same folder, will it overwrite, skip, or..?

I believe I went up to 170 million sectors? It said 23 hours with an ETA of 50 hours remaining when I shut it down although the ETA was always climbing. I read I could just modify and start from sector 170 million, but will that start at recup_dir.1 (meaning I should start this run in a new folder/location) or will it continue wherever it should continue? I don't understand if the sector number is linked to the folder number. Thanks.

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Re: Any way to resume without

#2 Post by cgrenier »

The folder number isn't important. PhotoRec creates one each 500 files (jpg thumbnails t*.jpg are excluded from this count).The best is to remove the sectors ranges in a new file corresponding to the area already parsed.