Recovered JPEG iamges have artifacts

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Recovered JPEG iamges have artifacts

#1 Post by anichin »

I had a UFS formatted hard-drive and accidently I deleted the partition and created a new partition again UFS.
As a result I lost the folder structure. PhotoRec was able to recover many files but I noticed a problem. Some text files seemed like the beginning of the file was missing. jpg images had strange stripes to the right side or the top. Binary files as Word or Excel files were totally corrupted and could not be open in Word and Excel. I suspect for these files the beginning of the file or maybe the end of the file was not properly identified. In the same time there file without any problems. Most of the jpg files under 1MB were recovered with no artifacts.

Is there anything I can do (setting or something else) that can improve the quality of the recovered files?