Can't access Seagate external drive

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Can't access Seagate external drive

#1 Post by lexie016 »

I cannot access my external drive. It was working fine, but now when I plug it in, windows is saying that the disk needs to be formatted. It's been accidentally unplugged without first safely removing it, could that be why? Anyhow I have tons of photos & music stored on it, I really don't want to lose anything & unfortunately the only copies I have are on my external drive. I'm not sure how to use this program, so any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

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Re: Can't access Seagate external drive

#2 Post by willsonrose »

It is critical situation for you when you become unable to access Seagate external drive. you may loss your saved external hard drive data. In this case only Mac data recovery software helps you to solve this type of errors or issue. Mac performs hard drive recovery process and allows you to access recovered items.

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Re: Can't access Seagate external drive

#3 Post by scarfaz007 »

please i need urgent help. my hardrice has read error using testdisk. pictures is attached. i need to recover very important file including document, academics e.t.c
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