Linux Partition unallocated, need help with Tutorial.

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Linux Partition unallocated, need help with Tutorial.

#1 Post by spoty123 »

I used WIN7 (preinstalled on my Acer Timeline X) and installed Ubuntu 12.04 64bit. Used it about 1 year. I had the Grub boot menu where I could chose between Win7, Ubuntu, other stuff and a "Windows in Secure Mode". Unfortunately today, I chose "Windows in Secure Mode" by accident. Following the Acer Backup Manager asked me, if I like to Reset my Windows to Default or if I would like to cancel. Of course I canceled. Right after this, the system rebooted (definately there was no time for a formation or deletion of my datas, because the reboot came fast).
However I got the a black screen that said:

>>no such partition
>>grub rescue

and i could do nothing. it always said things like "no filesystem detected"

I used SuperGrubDisk2 to get acces to my windows, downloaded the ubuntu live usb (12.04) and entered it.
I tried this one:
but i couldn't say which of the partition is my linux partition. I thought it was in sda4 but i couldnt mount it, says that i need to assign a filesystem.
So I started gparted and found this sh***:
It actually seems that this acer backup thing (which popped up only 30 sec.) unallocated my beloved linux partition.

well I got to point: "Partition is still Missing Deeper Search" (following this tutorial: and now i get this: the white marked partition has the following entries:
i know this partition inclueds all me beloved files (pics, music, ...) but i don't know if its the boot partition...
And actually, i don't understand what to do now:
1. Which of the partition do i have to declare as *, E, D, L or leave blank?!

Thank you so much!
2. And is it reasonable to save the files that i need (now that i can see them) an a external drive? and how is this possible?