Nero m4a / aac files

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Nero m4a / aac files

#1 Post by gwaitsi »

Firstly let me say thanks for the great work. Really has saved my life.
I had a soft raid array with all my photos and music. Ubuntu decided to trash it when upgrading, possibly because i had moved the home path to it as well. I haven't been able to restore the partition or file system (tried on one drive). They come up blank.

recoverjpg got back pretty much everything in the way of photos so i am confident the data is still good.

Photorec (WIP 7.0) is still running (19hrs - 320GB drive and still has another 7hrs to go). the results i have so far from the data i have processed. Approximately 25-30% is recovered in good form approximately 10% is in various stages of failure. The rest is still to process.

the most common failures seem to be;
- loosing the data in the last one or two songs. - could it be a false signature?
- loosing it much ealier

One thing that is very common, the songs cuts off 2-3 seconds before the time stamp of the last song but playing continues for the full length.

with the jpegs, i was able to run the following according to Ubuntu cleanup instructions quite successfully.
find JPG/ -name "*.jpg" | xargs -i jhead -nf%Y%m%d-%H%M%S {}

Is there a command i could run to automatically rename the m4a files according to the Album Name?
My files are nero aac mp4 albums encoded with chapters markers for each song and jpeg album cover.

Appreciate any help - fine tuning with the signatures. I've been at this a week already. In any event, Photorec has saved me from complete loss and that i am super grateful for. keep uf the great work. thanks

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Re: Nero m4a / aac files

#2 Post by cgrenier »

To rename your mp3/ogg/mp4/m4p/..., you can use easytag
For the corrupted files the problem may be caused by data fragmentation.

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Re: Nero m4a / aac files

#3 Post by gwaitsi »

thanks, easytag did the job.

seems a little odd that the 700 something files, about 50% are fragmented in the last 30 - 60 secs of the last song. If the files were fragmented, i would have expected more randomness in the point at which the file fails. no?