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Lost Raid0 Array appears now as 2 single disks

#1 Post by lylej »

Hi, brand new here. Found my way here after much googling.

Some background:
I have 4 disks of 3tb each configured into 2 raid0 arrays of 6tb each. All the disks are going thru the same OB raid controller. I'm running MS Server 2008 with AMD Raid Expert as my Raid Manager.
After a recent reboot the array holding ALL of my data was no longer accessible in Explorer. Looked in disk manager and found that the drive (array) no longer existed and was instead now 2 single disks that were not yet presented to the OS. After bringing the disks online they now appear as "RAW" disks in disk manager. A new drive letter was assigned. Volume has not been formatted!

In my Raid manager all four disks are listed there but I only have 1 Logical Drive Listed (Logical Drive 2). Logical Drive 1 is no longer listed.

I then installed TestDisk. It listed both the physical disks and then the drives that exist in the OS. For the healthy array I can see the entire array being listed as one Physical Drive but for the lost one they appear as 2 individual Physical Disks but as 1 Drive. I started the analyses on 1 of the Physical Disks and not the Volume. The analysis has been running for about 24hrs now and is around 70% through.

Now to the reason for my visit here. I need guidance as I'm not entirely sure I'm going down the right path with my approach.

Should I continue analyzing just the single disk? Considering it's not looking at both disks in the array? Should I create a new array in my Raid Manager and name it the same as the original array i.e Logical Drive 1?

I'm seeing some very strange results in the search and I'm not sure what to make of it and I'm not sure how to add images on this forum?

SOS, pretty please!?

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Re: Lost Raid0 Array appears now as 2 single disks

#2 Post by lylej »

Managed to figure out how to add a screenshot.

As I said, this is the analysis on one of the disks in the lost array.
TestDisk_Results.jpg (77.87 KiB) Viewed 1450 times

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Re: Lost Raid0 Array appears now as 2 single disks *SOLVED*

#3 Post by lylej »

Recreated the array with the same details as it was previously created; checked in the raid controllers configuration in the BIOS for the details e.g stripe block size etc.

Anyway, all is good and I have my data back.