TestDisk vs, old HD

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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TestDisk vs, old HD

#1 Post by MinQx »


I'm not certain which forum is best suited for my multiple question; being I'm new to -

*Linux, &

I scanned an old sata hd using TestDisk; & am not certain if I'm interpreting the results correctly.

The results are -

Disk /dev/sda - 40 GB / 37 GiB - CHS 4863 255 63
-------Partition------------------------Start--------------End-------------Size in sectors
>* Linux------------------------------0-----32---33-----4668-----68------8-----74993664---[CARP]
P Linux Swap----------------4668---100---41-----4862---237----47-------3125248

[a]... I'm thinking the HD is empty, & only has the preliminary linuxmint install files on it; but not certain.
.. or, may have additional files on it, but might be hidden; being the HD was originally used for windows;
& have had that occur before, between platforms (mac, linux, windows) with the HD appearing empty, but
was not.
[c].. I found an HPA (host protected area) on it, which TestDisk picked up & stated; though not certain how
to access that division, to check what files are there, (or not).
[d].. The word [CARP] is listed after scanning; of which I was not able to find any info. as to what that
means or refers to; & whether that indicates a problem, (or not).
[e].. The HD was fine, but got corrupted I guess; so now it does not mount to desktop. Though checking the
HD, the system says its in a good state & condition; so figuring it only needs formatting, once I can find out
via TestDisk, if there are any remaining files on it, (or not).

Note - TestDisk gives the option to --write-- to this HD, but decided to wait before proceeding further; in case
doing so would permanently alter the HD, preventing obtaining any files that might be remaining on it.

I'd appreciate any information & help that can be provided, thank you!


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Re: TestDisk vs, old HD

#2 Post by cgrenier »

To see the previous files, run TestDisk, Advanced, select the partition, List