Can the Imaging process be paused?

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Can the Imaging process be paused?

#1 Post by LimeiBook86 »

Hello everyone,

I have a NTFS 320 GB Windows boot disk that booted up fine one day, then gave me a "No system found, Ctrl-Alt-Del to try again" message the next day. Ubuntu saw the partition was named 'WINDOWS'. After some long and unsuccessful scans with Windows software (which claimed to find files, only to freeze up) I turned to TestDisk.

I decided to try and image the drive, this advice came from a friend who said then the data can be attempted to be recovered from a healthy disk via the disk image, reducing more stress on the problematic drive. So I have a healthy SATA 500 GB 3.5" drive and the problematic SATA 320 GB 2.5" laptop drive.

I started the TestDisk image on April 28th, and today (May 8th) it has reached the 53% point. I'm curious if there is a way to pause this at all? The only option I see is "STOP" on the TestDisk window (Terminal in Ubuntu).

The reason I ask is I'm switching jobs at work, I can leave the desktop PC there running (as it has been) at my current desk, but if I can pause it and relocate it that would be ideal. But if it's more trouble than it's worth, maybe I'll leave it, thankfully my desk should be vacant for another few weeks. I did have the log turned on, but I'm unsure if that would be helpful in a disk imaging scenario.