Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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#1 Post by GTech »

Hello everyone. I was trying to script shortcuts in my winfe environment to do different tasks like for example grab all docs and photos from a hard drive. My question is how do I tell it to look at all the drives on them machine except itself. I want to get it to the point where I can just boot in to WinFE\PE and just click a list of choises of shortcuts and move on to something else. This is what I have so far but I’m not sure it will work. It looks like the hd is always showing up as dev/sda and the USB that is running WinFE is Sdb but can someone confirm this. Also any advice on the scripting would be great. I haven’t tested this yet so there may be other tweaks that need to be made.

photorec_win /d C:\Recover\Files /cmd DEVICE=/dev/sda options,keep_corrupted_file,paranoid_bf,fileopt,everything,enable,wholespace,search

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Re: Scripting

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Well, it's usually better to use PhotoRec partition by partition because the filesystems may have different blocksize /different offset.
The number of partitions and harddisks may vary.