What might be keeping testdisk from restoring my partition?

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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What might be keeping testdisk from restoring my partition?

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I have a strange problem:
For some reason one of my NTFS partitions has been turned RAW. I've had the same problem before and at that time happily managed to restore the partition using testdisk, but...

... it doesn't seem to work this time. Testdisk shows all my (NTFS) partitions correctly, even before the quicksearch, and all the files seem to be there (I even copied a few GB to test it). I can [write] the partition table and everything looks fine. But it doesn't change anything. I tried rebooting and rewriting a few times but without success.
Everything "seems" to be in order, even all the bootsectors are "OK" (Rebuilding them did nothing), but it just doesn't work. I'll just get another drive and copy all the files if necessary, but copying over 2 TB of data will take a while so I'd much prefer to restore the partition if possible.

I'm running Win7. Another partition (NTFS as well) on the same disk is perfectly fine. I started testdisk in Admin-mode of course. I turned of my antivirus software. I get no errors. And I had used the exact same method before on seemingly the same problem.

What am I missing? Where else could the problem be?

Thank you very much for reading.