Recovery after data on SD card was overwritten

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Recovery after data on SD card was overwritten

#1 Post by riddler » 03 Jun 2014, 05:43

Hi all

I accidentally formatted a 16gb SD card, and after that copied a 2.7gb linux image onto the card.
Is there any hope to recovery any of the hundreds of family photos that were on that SD card?
My hope is that in order to even out wear of the SD card, the linux image was not saved over the photos, but on a free part of the card, and that the photos are still physically available.

I'm currently running PhotoRec in expert mode, brute force, on the whole disk, with file system type other. Do I need to set any special settings, or is this about it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am about to loose my mind over the fact that I accidentally deleted months worth of pictures of my baby son.

Best regards,

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