Drive all messed up - reads as wrong size

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Drive all messed up - reads as wrong size

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I've got a drive (HFS/ MAC OS Journaled) that was kicked off the system (Mac OS Mavericks) mid repair and is now not mounting properly. Both disk utility and Testdisk read it as the wrong size: it's a 3TB drive, they think it is 144TB.

I guess the geometry got messed up somehow. Thankfully I have a couple of the same make and model that are new and blank, so I can check the geometry of them. They have CHS of 1565565872 (RO) - I'm not sure what the RO means, but if I set the cylinders on the messed up drive to 1565565872 and the heads to 255 and sectors to 16 the geometry gets close but not the right volume size. Analyse therefore just produces a series of errors. Any advice on how to prceed?