Storage RAID recovery

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Storage RAID recovery

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My home system originally had an 80GB drive (/dev/sdf) with my Ubuntu load and 2-1TB drives (/dev/sdc & sdd) in RAID 1 for storage purposes. I later added the 500GB (/dev/sde) for an Ubuntu/Windows dual boot and formatted the 80GB drive. I added 2-2TB drives (/dev/sda & sdb) for an additional RAID config but forgot to backup the data from the original 1TB RAID storage. Now when I boot into Ubuntu it cannot mount the 2-1TB RAID array even though it shows as a md RAID setup due to not recognizing the structure type. I cannot remember if I ever actually setup a type for it and cannot access the data. A lot of data is on here and I am trying to use TestDisk to either be able to repair it to be able to mount the RAID again or at least recover the data from the disks. I have attempted to access and copy the files from one (sdc) of the drives, but have only been partially successful and a lot of the folders show as inaccessible. I have floundered around with the program for months now and am looking for any possible assistance on where to go from here. I started TestDisk and selected the log file option. It then listed all of my devices including the 2-1TB drives separately as sdc and sdd as well as them together as /dev/smd127.
This seemed odd that it labeled the RAID array as md127 as later TestDisk identified it as md0. I then chose the Intel option for the partition table type as selecting "none" in the past didn't allow me to copy any files. After selecting the Intel option I chose to Analyze the partition structure and it came back with the following...
From what I can tell, this is the partition I am looking for and it appears the size is the full 1TB drive. So I then selected the quick search and selected the Yes option for searching for partitions created under Vista or later and got the following back after it finished the Quick Search...
I am not sure why it is listing what I assume is the same partition twice and with two different names, "storage" and "md0". Storage is what I had it named when I originally created it and again not sure why it is showing as md0 here and was listed as md127 above. I tried to use the list files option and copy what I could, but a lot of files are not showing as accessible and I am not sure if I am just missing them somewhere else. Again, any help is really appreciated.

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