Old HD Recovery: partition, mft, etc. issues

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Old HD Recovery: partition, mft, etc. issues

#1 Post by MinQx »


I'm not certain which forum is best suited for my multiple question; being I'm new to -
*TestDisk, (*Linux, & *LinuxMint16).

I scanned an old (win.) eide hd, using TestDisk, (via linuxmint 16 os); but am not certain
how to correctly:

* interpret -all- of the results, -nor-
* select which options to continue file retrieval;

... particularly after a new set of problems, have worsened the original set of issues.

Initially, the TD scan brought up 1 partition (75 GB - 80 GB +/-); .. (though, clicking
through the screens, something was accidently clicked on & changed the default
hd settings).

So at a later time, re-scanning brought up:
* 1 partition, (plus: deeper scan - brought up a {backup?} partition, .. which had not
been there before).

.. So, proceeded with obtaining the files from the -visible- partition, successfully!

But afterwards, ..
Tried to retrieve the -missing- remaining files, via that {backup?} hidden partition,
(that had not been there before). Which showed up (after accidently being created);
.. instead of the remaining -original- files (which are now hidden in another layer).

Note - This attempt only ended up (accidently), further changing the set number
configurations; so now, .. none of the old files show up at all-, -neither- does the
original partition (in full)-. .. Only the very altered partition, (plus a backup? partition)
shows up, of which neither have files; (& are listed under the date the accidental
changes occurred). ..

(Note - Did Not erase/delete any of the files using TestDisk though.)

The original manufacturer numerical settings for the HD are -

wd caviar: wd800AB - 80 GB (5400 rpm)
[Recommended Setup Parameter]
*cylinders: 16,383,
*Number of Tracks (logical): 16
*Sectors per track:63
*Jumper Setting: 10-pin drive
[Physical Spec.]
* Formatted Capacity: 80,026 MB
* Capacity: 80
* Bytes per Sector: 512
* User Sectors per Drive: 156,301,488
* Interface: 40-pin Eide
[Performance Spec.]
* Contact Start/Stop Cycles: 50,000 minimum

[HD: Configuration Spec.]
** http://www.wdc.com/en/products/legacy/l ... el=wd800ab

[HD: DeskTop Scan Results]
(viewable for 1 mth), listed at -
** https://pastebin.com/YR0jmxK8

[TESTDISK.LOG Scan Results]
(viewable for 1 mth), listed at -
** https://pastebin.com/XDdFCNdv

[a]... The numercial configurations set by the manufacturer were accidently changed!
Is it possible to change them back to the original settings, thus making -all- the files visible &
retrievable in Full, again!?
.. The HD was originally used for windows; .. (trying to recover with linuxmint 16 os).
[c]... HD has additional files on it; (but are hidden, .. due to wrong configuration settings causing it).
[d].. Checking the HD, the system says its in a good state & condition; .. (though now states - the
files are not retrievable at all). .. It said that for the other partition; but I changed something, & was
then able to retrieve them - fully. (But that is when the other partition became hidden; as a result of
getting the first partition viewable.)

[1]... Will TestDisk be able to be used, to retrieve this HD in it's current state; .. or must a deeper layer
retrieval software be switched to?
[2]... Can the original manufacturer configurations be added back to the HD; & make the files
fully visible, & retrieveable?
[3]... Tried to use the mft, rebuild, type change; did not help, .. not done correctly this time.

I'd appreciate any information & help that can be provided, thank you very much!