TestDisk only creating 1.4% of image then stops

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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TestDisk only creating 1.4% of image then stops

#1 Post by MikeAlan »

Using TestDisk, I am trying to take an Image of a corrupt 400gb WD hard drive on a laptop. The resulting image on the 1tb USB hard drive is only 4gb. It reports back: “No space left for the file image” Why?
The following steps were followed:

Loaded DOS on to virtual drive on defaulting laptop using Windows 7 repair disk

Plugged 1tb NTFS USB hard drive into USB port

Ran Testdisk_win.exe from laptop CD

No log

Selected media:
400gb WD Hard drive (NTFS)

Chose partition/table type:
Intel/PC partition

[ Advanced ] File system utilities

2 * HPFS – NTFS 770154496 sectors (primary bootable)

[ Image creation ] at bottom of screen

f drive (USB 1tb drive. Has approx. 650gb free)
Chose the appropriate destination folder

C to start creating the image

TestDisk Stopped/failed at approx. 1.4% having created an image of only 4.2gb. There is still 648gb of free space left on the destination hard drive yet the responding message says: “No space left for the file image” Why?

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

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Re: TestDisk only creating 1.4% of image then stops

#2 Post by Fiona »

What file system do you want to copy your files to.
Fat32 for example only support file size up to 4 GB.