Trying to recover an HFS partition on an external drive

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Trying to recover an HFS partition on an external drive

#1 Post by GLBIV »

Hi all,

I am attempting to recover the partition of a drive and was wondering if you all might have any insight. I have a 1.5 TB Seagate external drive that was formatted as HFS. In the process of trying to reformat a different drive as HFS I accidentally reformatted the Seagate drive. As soon as I notice what I had done I pulled the usb cable from the computer.

I initiated the TestDisk software and found that it recognized the drive with 1397 GB utilized, which is correct. However, it is seeing two identical instances of the HFS partition.

From there I ran a quick search and after running for 10 days it indicated that there was not enough space as it found two different partitions. The first is an HFS partition, which is listed as 1099 GB/1024 GB. The second is an NTFS partition which is listed as 1500 GB/1397 GB. This is seemingly odd as between the two, the NTFS has the correct space allocation listed.

When we advance to the next screen though things become more complicated, with multiple HFS and NTFS partitions present. This drive has been reformatted multiple times over the years. Could that be why multiple instances are showing up? Is there an optimum way to determine which of them is the correct one?

It looks like I need to rescan the drive since in trying to navigate the menu I accidentally exited out of the results. Would performing a deep scan be of benefit? I have hesitated on this since the quick scan took 10 days, so who knows how long the deep scan will take. I also have the log file if that would be of any benefit.

Thank you!!