raw drive 320gb only recovered 32gb

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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raw drive 320gb only recovered 32gb

#1 Post by tonytechie »

Have tried testdisk inially get error saying hard disc too small, then got partitions are unrecoverable error , read error.

then used photorec only recovered 32gb out of 200+gb, seems like it can only see small portion of 320gb hd, which was originally reported as raw.

Tried to upload my testdisk log file, but got msg saying not allowed.
hard drive too small
hard drive too small
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Re: raw drive 320gb only recovered 32gb

#2 Post by Fiona »

Please use testdisk 32bit instead of the 64bit-version.
Windows 64-bit Use only on systems lacking WoW64 as some features are missing
Your screen shot only displays a message for unrecoerable partitions, because they end after disk limit.
Please run Deeper Search in testdisk to have a try to find more partitions.
If more partitions are found, please mark them and press p to have a ty to list your files.
In your testdisk folder you'll find a file called testdisk.log.
Can you open it using a wordprocessor like wordpad and copy and paste the content into your next post?