/list order and testdisk page commands

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/list order and testdisk page commands

#1 Post by SteveB » 23 Apr 2012, 16:33


I am running Testdisk in Terminal under OSX. Just a couple of simple questions:
  • When I path down to the desired folder I am trying to recover files from, Subfolder are generally listed alphabetical - but I have many folders that show up randomly, out of alphabetical order. Because this folder is massive, with many sub folders, it makes it hard to locate the folders I need to. Is there a way to re-order correctly? - I suspect Testdisk is showing me the content block by block as it's ordered on the disk, so maybe that's just the way it is.
  • How to I page down? I thought I came across the command in the step by step once, but I can't seem to locate it again - when I use the Page Down command from the OSX Terminal top menu drop down, it does not work.
These two issues are making finding the folders I need to time consuming. Now, being able to recover my files is a blessing in itself, so don't think I'm complaining - just wondering if I'm missing something that might help speed the process up.

Thanks so much.

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Re: /list order and testdisk page commands

#2 Post by remy » 26 Apr 2012, 00:14

I don't know how testdisk works under osX, so I'll refer your questions to Christophe. I hope he will have some time to answer you as soon as possible.

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Re: /list order and testdisk page commands

#3 Post by cgrenier » 26 Apr 2012, 07:51

Are you listing files using TestDisk
* Advanced, List,
* Advanced, Undelete or
* Analyse, Quick/Deeper Search, 'p' ?
What is the filesystem type ? FAT, NTFS or another ?

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