Data Drive Recovery

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Data Drive Recovery

#1 Post by Hawkeye »

I need help trying to recover my data drive. Its a 3TB Seagate model ST3000DM001 and I have a new spare for recovery. The drive letter was F and the volume name was "Files". The partition was NTFS formatted and the disk was GPT. There was only 1 partition/volume on the drive.

The problem I ran into was I connected some old hard drives to my pc in an attempt to run dodwipe from the ubcd for windows cd on them before I send them to the recycler. I didn't realize that the program would not prompt to select drives before running and I only thought about removing my existing drives just as the program started. It ran for about 3 seconds before I turned off the power to my pc. Since this happened, I have not written anything to the drive or changed anything.

Now the drive shows up in windows disk management as MBT with two unallocated partitions, 1 at 2TB and the other at 746.52GB. When I run testdisk analyse it found the Files partition and a couple others but when I click P to view files there is only 2 files listed. I ran the deep search and that found the same but a lot more partitions were found. Not sure why that is.

I have a backup of my data drive, but it's been a while since I last ran a backup so there are a few things I would like to retrieve if possible. Is there anything that can be done to get my data back, at least some of it?

I attached my log to this post. I separated into two for max size requirements. I appreciate any help and suggestions you can offer.
testdisk (2).zip
testdisk.log part 2
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testdisk.log part 1
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Re: Data Drive Recovery

#2 Post by Hawkeye »

Any suggestions or advice?