Suggested or requested feature - Delete file

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Suggested or requested feature - Delete file

#1 Post by ChaosZen »

I know this may sound contradictory to an application designed to recover and undelete files, but the issue I am having is that automated backup ended up consuming all but 1.5mb of my 500GB secondary hard drive, and then the drive became corrupted and unreadable (Error reports suggests: "Unable to mount or read. Most likely damaged or unreadable NTFS file structure"). I could not get any other applications to even detect the drive anymore, but testdisk is able to see it and is able to show files on the hard drive. With testdisk being the only application I have found able to recognize the drive, I think it would be usefull if it had some way to select one or more files to delete to free up space to make repair or recovery much easier.

Even if I do recover files from the secondary hard drive, I would not have enough space on the primary drive to recover all, so reformatting or repartinioning of the second drive entirely would mean significant data loss.

Alternative or better suggestions are welcomed.