Problem with hard disc. Test's disk Report.

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Problem with hard disc. Test's disk Report.

#1 Post by Ander »


I hope you can help me with my hard disk. Here the story goes:

Suddenly, I've started to have some issues with my laptop. Mainly It gets stuck and frozen with little work, things like that.

So I looked some software I use to check hard disk health's status and it resulted in something like a bad sector pending to move to the spare area. Something like this:


After this I ran chkdsk in all partitions to correct or discard possible bad sectors, or to recover the information. I still had issues so I decided to ran the sfc from windows to restore possible corrupted vital files for the system. It worked for a while and it restored some files. Finally I reboot the computer and I verified that I've some problems yet. Less than before, but still some.

So finally I decided to use testdisk to see if I had any trouble with partition tables, but what I found out was, this:


So, the main question is.. Should I throw this hard disk to the garbage?

Any solution, if not for repairing those cylinders, at least to solve the problem, in such a way I can make useful the well-working area of the hard disk safely.

I'm thinking about format the drive and reinstall windows, but I think this won't inconsiderate those problematic cylinders, sectors and tracks, avoiding them and using the rest of the hard disk. Aslo I'm considering a low level format, but not sure about how safe this is for the hd.

Thanks in advance for any comment, and sorry for my possible faults while writting. English isn't my lenguage.

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Re: Problem with hard disc. Test's disk Report.

#2 Post by Fiona »

Just repeat your diagnose using another geometry.
Start TestDisk
Confirm through (your affected disk must be selected) until you see the menu Analyse.
Don't confirm at Analyse but Geometry.
Change the value at Heads to 255 and Sectors to 63.
Don't change anything else and leave the menu at Ok.
Repeat your Diagnose at Analyse.
I'd need infos from Analyse and Quick Search.