Testing Formatting Software

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Testing Formatting Software

#1 Post by bgibson72 » 25 Jul 2014, 20:00


I'm testing Photorec and Foremost with a few methods of formatting media. In this case, I have a USB drive that had data on it that could be recovered with both Photorec and Foremost. I then used SDFormatter in order to format the drive and again used both apps to see what could be recovered (if anything).

In the case of Foremost, there were no files recovered. In the case of Photorec, however, I recovered a handful of files including one .apple file, 3 .plist files, and a .sqlite file. (I am using a Macbook Pro, so I'm not sure if the apple files are a result of my computer or the computer that disk was originally used on???)

Are these just artifacts left over from the process (like the report.xml file), or is this data that was legitimately recovered by Photorec even though formatting was performed?

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