Complete newb needing help and advice

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Complete newb needing help and advice

#1 Post by PotatoChip »

(to be honest, i dont even know if im posting in the correct board)

Desc of the problem and other information:

First started off about 6 months ago, my pc has 2 drives, C: and D: with D: being empty, nothing stored, not used for anything.
I started storing files and within some time there was about a full drive of files,music, programs etc
A program (osu! a music game) was running on D: and froze. After 10 mins of freezing, ctrl+alt+del and power button not working, i stupidly decided to switch it off by the wall.
After restarting the PC, nothing much was different
A few days later, some songs began to freeze and fail to play.
I checked it out, when clicked, it says cannot play on WMP.
some time later, some winrar files began to fail to open/extract files from. the error message was "Error, cyclic redundancy check"

after many weeks, more and more files began getting this "cyclic redundancy check" error. i havbe searched online and performed CHKDSK many times with /f and /r with no hope.

reluctant to by a new hard drive, i moved most of the existing files to my C: drive...
some corrupted files such as .mp3/.iso and some other files could not be copied, they were deleted.
some small files took a LONG time to copy across, which was worrying.
after that, i performed the "fsutil dirty query" check on both drives daily. D: is Dirty, C: is NOT dirty.

Until a week ago, i was downloading some files via bit torrent which returned a "cyclic redundancy check" error.
after a few days, i turned on my PC, something popped up, a message saying;
wmpshare.exe directory xx/xx/xx/filename.mp3 is corrupt. number of these messages increased as the days passed
and soon some files were unable to be opened.

tried checkdisk, doesnt work.


tl:dr : cyclic redundancy check error, corrupt files, chkdsk doesnt work

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Re: Complete newb needing help and advice

#2 Post by Fiona »

Would it be possible that you got any malware on your computer?
Each file has a check sum.
If a file got changed or modified, it can lead to such behavior.
Especially media files, archieves and sometimes executable (.exe) are affected.

You should have a look into your eventviewer to narrow down your problem.
I've no idea about your OS.
To open it, you should go to start and search.
Type in eventvwr
Have a look at application and system for any messages.
If your antivirus doesn't report something you should check your computer using malewarebytes (I assume the free version is a trial?):

Run msconfig to disable background processes.
Under services, check hide microsoft sevices, so you'll not disable any important windows processes.
Disable the remaining processes.
Have a look at start also.
Might be possible that you have to use the taskmanager if you have a newer OS.
If it's difficult to determine which process should be disabled using the taskmanager, you can use another program like ccleaner (free) from piriform and Tools / Startup to disable processes.
It provides a better overview.
Currently you shouldn't run cleaner and registry within ccleaner if you're not sure.
But it might be an idea to clean windows tmp files.
Run malewarebytes.

Please let me know:
Does your eventvwr displays any messages?
Did malewarebytes find any maleware?


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Re: Complete newb needing help and advice

#3 Post by PotatoChip »

Thanks very much for the quick reply Fiona!

I forgot to mention i did did suspect it was malware and ran malwarebytes (once everyday till trial ended) with each day just being mundane PUP or some internet toolbars accused of being malware, nothing much; which i have quarantined and deleted off my PC. I also had Norton 360 and performed quick scans daily with full system scans frequently, which also returned nothing.

PC is an Asus desktop running windows 7,

i have disabled a few sound cards because it has caused some crashes when it loads up if that is relevant.
Will try eventviewer ASAP when i get back home.

Again, thanks very much for your help.


what is the purpose of disabling background processes via the msconfig?
also, situation has got worse, unable to open internet explorer/chrome and some other programs..
and does copying an infected/corrupted file to another drive "infect" that drive?

Application log ... sp=sharing

System log ... sp=sharing

TestDisk log ... sp=sharing