Question regarding estimated time to completio

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Question regarding estimated time to completio

#1 Post by saraheternallove »

Hi there,

I'm trying to recover the files I lost after formatting my external hard drive.
I am currently running photorec and it looks like 407 files were found.
The estimated time however say 200 some hours to completion...
I exited the program and restarted once already and the second time around the program found the same 407 files and the est. time to completion was around the same time.
The second time I ran the program I left it running all night and the numbers stayed the same before I went to bed and after I got up.

Can anyone tell me if this is normal? I feel like there are only 407 files that were erased and if so, is there a way I can stop the program now and recover those 407 files?

Thank-you in advance!!
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Re: Question regarding estimated time to completio

#2 Post by Andy48 »

In the "Select where recovered files should be written" step ( you should have nominated a location to save the files. From my experience these files are saved to that location as Photorec finds them. So the 407 files should be sitting there. And you can access them as they are put there.
Maybe the 200 hours is the rest of the drive, which may in fact be empty. (I'm currently sitting on 600 hours to completion on a 2 TB drive I'm working on - hopefully the files I want come up early, though it's been 48 hours so far and only got about 6).