exFAT drive seen by TestDisk as FAT12?

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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exFAT drive seen by TestDisk as FAT12?

#1 Post by MikeyTen4 »

Hi everyone :)

I'm hoping someone can help please. I'll keep this brief and to the point...

I have an 3TB HDD which was part of a RAID1 array in a NAS. The NAS formats it's HDDs in exFAT. A software failure damaged something on the HDDs and windows now sees them as 'raw'. I've managed to retrieve a lot of files using other tools, but now I'm using TestDisk in the hope of making the HDD mountable again so that I can get at the content in it's entirety.

So far so good... TestDisk is in the middle of a 'deeper scan'. But TestDisk is stating that the partitions it has found (so far) are formatted in FAT12.

Now, the NAS itself can function as an external USB drive if conencted to a PC via USB. If I do this then Windows still sees it as 'raw', but TestDisk picks it up as exFAT.

Can any explain why this might be? Is there anything I might need to be aware of or any extra care I should take?

(NOTE: the reason I'm now running a scan on the disk having taken it out of the NAS is because the fils recovery tasks I've already performed with other tools provided much better results this way. Some or those tools wouldn't even scan the 'drive' presented when the NAS was hooked up by USB)