Seeing 3 partitions, should be only 2

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Seeing 3 partitions, should be only 2

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Problem: I have a computer that became un-bootable, it would try to launch Windows 7 but couldn't. During an attempt to recover files, the hard drive changed from NTFS to RAW. In slave mode (usb) W7 wouldn't see any partitions, but with Linux Mint I could see 2 partitions using testdisk. Using testdisk I was able to Analyse, saw the structure was okay and tried to write, but I saw no obvious change. I did find that the MFT and MFTMIRR were corrput/bad and tried repairing using Testdisk but was unable to. I tried writing a MBR thinking that this would fix the boot issue. I then tried RawRecovery and scanned the drive. The improvement now is that I can see the drive (as a slave via USB) on my other W7 machine. Disk management shows the drive unallocated and testdisk shows 3 total partitions instead of 2. It appears I now have 2 boot partitions, one is probably the corrupt one and the other a valid one? I am unsure what exactly I am seeing and furthermore, what to do. I am close to having this drive up and running (I think) and looking forward to getting our family's data off this drive. I'd appreciate any guidance as this is uncharted territory for me and I don't want to make matters worse. I've attached a screenshot showing what I currently see in testdisk.
Current partition list in TestDisk seen via alt W7 machine
Current partition list in TestDisk seen via alt W7 machine
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