Partition recovery on Drive which has wiped out beginning

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Partition recovery on Drive which has wiped out beginning

#1 Post by aceone »

I'm trying to recover Data on a HDD where the beginning got accidentally overwritten with zeros. So the first ~1.5GB of data on the drive are zeros.
The command used was: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX

The Drive has 750GB
The file system used on the Drive was NTFS
There was only one big so called "extended partition" on a dos partition table.

I have scanned the whole drive with testdisk but found no trace of any partition.
Not a suprise i guess.

I Wan to try to recreate the partition table my self but I struggle to find the right settings in testdisk

I'm asked to give the right Partition type, but I don't know how it is called in testdisk.
These are the Partition Types listed in testdisk:

Code: Select all

List of partition type
01 FAT12                50 OnTrack DM RO        a9 NetBSD
02 XENIX root           51 OnTrack DM RW-NOVEL  ab Darwin boot
03 XENIX /usr           52 CP/M-Microport V/386 af HFS
04 FAT16 <32M           53 OnTrack DM WO ???    b7 BSDI
06 FAT16 >32M           54 OnTrack DM DDO       b8 BSDI swap
07 HPFS - NTFS          55 EZ-Drive             bc Acronis
09 AIX data             56 GoldenBow VFeature   be Solaris boot
0a OS/2 Boot Manager    61 SpeedStor            bf Solaris
0b FAT32                63 Unixware, HURD, SCO  c1 secured FAT12
0c FAT32 LBA            64 NetWare 286          c4 secured FAT16
0e FAT16 LBA            65 NetWare 3.11+        c6 sec. Huge-bad FAT16
10 OPUS                 67 Novell               c7 Syrinx Boot-bad NTFS
11 hid. FAT12           68 Novell               d8 CP/M-86
12 Compaq Diagnostics   69 Novell               db CP/M
14 hid. FAT16 <32M      70 DiskSecure MB        de Dell Utility
16 hid. FAT16 >32M      75 PC/IX                e1 SpeedStor FAT12 ext
17 hid. HPFS/NTFS       80 Minix v1.1-1.4a      e3 DOS RO
18 AST swap             81 Minix / old Linux    e4 SpeedStor FAT16 ext
19 Willowtech Photon    82 Linux Swap           eb BeFS
1b hid. FAT32           83 Linux                ee EFI GPT
1c hid. FAT32 LBA       86 NT FAT16 V/S set     ef EFI (FAT-12/16/32)
1e hid. FAT16 LBA       87 HPFS FT mirror-V/S set f0 Linux/PA-RISC boot
20 Willowsoft OFS1      8e Linux LVM            f1 Storage Dimensions
24 NEC MS-DOS 3.x       93 Amoeba               f2 DOS secondary
27 Windows RE(store)    94 Amoeba bad block     f4 SpeedStor
38 Theos                a0 NoteBIOS save2disk   fb VMFS
3c PMagic recovery      a5 FreeBSD              fd Linux RAID
40 VENIX 80286          a6 OpenBSD              fe LANstep
41 PPC PReP Boot        a8 Darwin UFS           ff Xenix bad block
42 W2K Dynamic/SFS
I guess i need to recreate the extended Partition and an logical Partition in it.
On an healthy drive with an very similar setup it testdisk shows me this:

Code: Select all

 1 E extended LBA             0   1  1 60800 254 63  976768002
No partition is bootable
   X extended                 1   0  1 60800 254 63  976752000
 5 L HPFS - NTFS              1   1  1 60800 254 63  976751937