Drive size not detected

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Drive size not detected

#1 Post by virtualken »

I'm new to PhotoRec and am attempting to use it to reclaim data from a corrupted Hitachi SATA internal desktop drive.

My concern is that on the disk selection screen the size of the drive I'm hoping to investigate is incorrect, and if I select it the program simply lists its own (PhotoRec) files, which are on another drive. It is a newer SATA drive without pin connections and thus I think I'm unable to select 'Jump' settings. I'm running XP SP3 as I was before the drive failed. The motherboard is a few years old and does require a VIAM file from floppy when booting from an installation disc.

By using Macrium Reflect I can see the size of the data on the corrupted partition, so I know that it is at least detectable with existing set up, though it doesn't give me the option of cloning or imaging that partition.

Can anyone offer any help as to whether and how I can correctly detect the drive with PhotoRec? Many thanks!
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Re: Drive size not detected

#2 Post by Fiona »

What OS do you use?
Actually PhotoRec doesn't list any files.
After disk selection you can choose either to recover your files scanning the whole or free space.
PhotoRec lists the testdisk folder as a destination.
If you'd like to recover your data to another disk or partition, you can mark that two dots on the upper area of your display and press enter until you get to your disk selection, where you can select another disk and partition where you'd like to recover your data to.
The content of the disk where you'd like to recover your data to, will be listed.
If you'd like to recover your data into a specific folder you can mark it and enter it using the right arrow key on your keyboard.
If destination is correct, you can press enter to start the recovery process.
PhotoRec will create folders like recup_dir and copy all found files into these folders.
Recovering files from a Live-CD can differ because of OS and file system support.
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Re: Drive size not detected

#3 Post by virtualken »

Thanks Fiona. That all makes sense, all is in order and I'm ready to start salvaging files. However I've read that attempting to read files can in itself damage them; I'm pretty sure it's a mechanical read failure, though the disc itself is still spinning fine. Hence I plan to take it to a specialist tomorrow to attempt a software recovery. If that fails I'll have a go with PhotoRec myself.

Of course if anyone else knows that PhotoRec categorically doesn't damage files please let me know! I have cloned the drive but since I don't know how much is being read from it, I'm not sure how much of a guarantee this is.