HFS+, CHS - LBA mismatch

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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HFS+, CHS - LBA mismatch

#1 Post by grjoti » 02 Nov 2014, 20:41

My external hard disk broke. I think there was issue with the power cable and now OSX does not recognise the disk. Tried to use testdisk to fix the issue by doing the following steps:
create logfile
select the disk
save current partition list to backup.log file
quick search to locate the partition (it gave me two records, both HFS but the latter was found using backup sector!)
selected the latter one
and then write
it reported that the primary superblock and the backup superblock did not match. ( the primary bad and backup good )
chose to overwrite the primary with backup
then it told to reboot.
I power off the disk and turned it on again.

The end result was, it was the same result broken. But now when I start testdisk the disk number has incremented.
Any Ideas ?

OSX 10.10 broken disk 1TB filesystem ( HFS+ I guess )

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