Recovering large AVCHD files from a Canon video camera

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Recovering large AVCHD files from a Canon video camera

#1 Post by CarlosMiller »

I made the mistake of deleting all the footage on my camera's hard drive rather than just a bunch of earlier files as I had intended to make room.

So now my goal is to recover the files from the last date I shot and not the entire the hard drive.

I also want to recover the files in their entirety rather than fragmented pieces.

I already ran a recovery and recovered a whole bunch of files in fragments and it took forever.

Is there a way I can just target the last files recorded on the camera and set it so it doesn't fragment the clips?

I haven't recorded with the camera since my blunder.
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Re: Recovering large AVCHD files from a Canon video camera

#2 Post by mscotgrove »


I have developed a routine for CnW Recovery that will hopefully solve your problem. (

It is largely designed for memory chips though it does work on hard drives - though it may be a bit slow, depending on the size of your disk, and the number of AVCHD (.mts) files you have.

The program works by scanning the complete disk for any AVCHD clusters. It then intelligently joins them together creating long runs of logically correct video. Many other recovery programs just produce short clips that may number in the thousands. The CnW development hopefully overcomes most of these problems.

AVCHD files are not dated internally and so your requirment to find just recent ones is probably not possible

The free demo will indicate what can be recovered, and the log will show file sizes. If then happy you can purchase a licence starting $19.99