Recover partition after diskpart clean

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Recover partition after diskpart clean

#1 Post by dx486 »

I have a 128 GB SSD (C:) and 1TB HDD (D:) in my computer. Windows 7 was installed onto SSD drive but HDD drive -formatted probably as NTFS- had the boot loader, so in order to fix that, I made the big mistake of using diskpart clean command on my 1TB hard disk drive.

In order to have the boot loader installed on C drive I used automatic system repair option of Windows 7 Recovery disk. It showed for very long time "attempting repair" message on the screen thus I had to reset the computer. This happened twice.

Then I checked the partitions to see what is wrong and realised with regret that "clean" command did not only clean boot loader info of the HDD partition, but also all partition information. :(

I immediately used Testdisk, first quick then deep scan (for Intel partition table type), but nothing could be found. I guess that during unfinished system repair processes, something wrong happened on the partition of drive D: thus Testdisk could not easily recover my partition.

PhotoRec can find lots of files on the disk, but they are not categorized and they are not named meaningfully. It is like a mess. However this shows that only the partition is gone, but files are still there.

I have made a deep scan with TestDisk partition search using "Non partitioned media" option.

Strangely many partitions have been found... There was only one NTFS partition on this drive.

Many of them are too small to be true, but following one took my attention:

Code: Select all

HFS magic value at 13145/76/63
part_size 1844248602
     HFS                  13145  76 63 127944 119 20 1844248602 [%]
     HFS, 944 GB / 879 GiB
This partition ends after the disk limits. (start=211179275, size=1844248602, end=2055427876, disk end=1953525168) 
What should be my next step?

Update, 21.11.2014

I selected "Non partitioned Media" option, then I selected NTFS partition, then "Boot" option. Testdisk reported that both boot sector and its backup are corrupted/damaged. Then I selected "Rebuild BCD" option. Now it is looking for "mft". It looks like it will take quite a long time. Let's see what will happen...


Nothing found. I am exhausted. After one week of work to recover my partition, I give up. I don't think I had important files on that drive thus I won't spend more time on this effort.

I have realized one more time the importance of backup and danger of power tools.