Help with merged partitions

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Help with merged partitions

#1 Post by fabiodjapan »

Hello all,
It's my first try to recover something and i'm kinda lost.
I followed the tutorial of the TestDisk, but I need a little help.
I wanted to format my dad's pc, and there has two partitions, C: and D: (225GB each of 500GB). But I accidentally merged them. (I wont put the exactly value for the hd size)
Now, I canceled the windows install, reboot the DVD, clicked on Repair and selected command prompt. I put the TestDisk 6.14 on my USB drive and put the command "start testdisk_win.exe".
When finished the deeper search, I saw 4 partitions.

P1 - C: cleaned with 500GB (with 3 files: $windows.~bt, temp, WinPE.sys [?])
P2 - Reserved by system
P3 - old C: w/ 225GB (files ok)
P4 - old D: w/ 225GB (files ok)

Now I want to recover, but, the old C: has the win7 in it, and D: has dad's data.
The only choices I can take to them are *, P and L.
When i put L on P4 (because is that i want to recover), I can't put * or P on P3, only L.
What should I do?

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Re: Help with merged partitions

#2 Post by Fiona »

Logical partitions are only available within a an extended partition.
If you set a logical partition, there is a little space needed for the extended.
TestDisk creates an extended partition automatically if you have logical partitions at the menu Write.
But as mentioned above, you need a little space for.
Please copy and paste the content of your testdisk.log into your next post.
You'll find your testdisk.log within your testdisk folder.
Open it using a wordprocessor like wordpad and copy and paste the content.


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Re: Help with merged partitions

#3 Post by fabiodjapan »

I really don't know much about it and after your reply I stopped to study all saturday. I decided to recover only the D: as a primary and forget the C :. Everything went just fine and got what I wanted. Thank you for your attention.