Problems with .tex files

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Problems with .tex files

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I have tried to recover files from a usb drive, raw according to windows explorer. After TestDisk didn't find anything, Photorec did recover files (I suppose all, though I don't know the precise number I had in the usb). I have however some problem with .tex files: they were recovered but split in many smaller files. This happened particularly with larger ones, I mean larger than 100kb (note however that much larger .pdf, .djvu or .jpg files were saved correctly, without splitting). I tried then just to rescue .txt files, selecting them with File Otp, but the result was even worse: indeed, about 1300 files of any type were rescued the first time, but more than 2000 .txt files had already been recovered, during the selective recovering, when I stopped the process: the reason is that most of the original files on the usb were split during the recovery. Note that none of these files were marked with the letter b as broken. Moreover, the information inside each .tex file is fine and in principle I could try to glue the many pieces together to compose the original file, though it will be a big job.

I have a backup of most important .tex files, so I think it won't be a disaster, however I'd be curious to know if anybody has met the same problem and found a solution, or has suggestions.

Thanks, bye.